How can Freebiejeebies afford to send out free gifts?
Well, the answer is fairly simple - when you sign up and complete one simple offer and then get some friends to do the same, Freebiejeebies gets paid a commission from the advertiser You completed an offer with and once you have enough referrals, You will be able to order and get your gift shipped directly to your door from Amazon with a next day delivery!
How does it work?
When you sign up, you will need to complete an offer. Let's say you complete the Lovefilm offer. Then, Lovefilm pays Freebiejeebies a commission of around £23 for bringing them a new customer (YOU). £23 is obviously not enough to pay for your gift, so you need to refer a specific amount of friends for your selected gift. Let's say you have chosen the new iPod Shuffle 4Gb as your gift and you need to refer 3 friends. When you get 3 people to sign up under your referral link and complete an offer each, Freebiejeebies, again will get paid a commission, which will then pay for your selected gift and leave Freebiejeebies with a small profit (they deserve it).
How to get referrals?
The best way to start earning referrals is to encourage your friends and family. Explain in detail how it all works, show them this website, and eventually you will get eveyone signing up! And after you receive your first gift, it will be much easier to convince everyone!
I want a gift, but it is not listed on the website.
If you can't find a gift you want, simply choose 'Custom order' and when you sign up, just go to Support>Custom order and there you will be able to ask for any gift you want!
Will I get any spam from Freebiejeebies?
Absolutely not. Freebiejeebies are strictly against spam and the only thing you will receive from them is your free gift!
Are my details safe?
Your details will be kept safe and your address will only be used to send you, your gifts.
Am I allowed to create more than one account?
Absolutely not! You are only allowed to create one account from the same household!
Do I need to spend any money to complete my offer?
No, there are plenty of free offers for you to complete, such as Lovefilm, HSBC, and many more free trials.
All Freebiejeebies sites are registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998. They will keep your details safe and you will never receive any unwanted email!